What Is a Guest Posting Site


How Does a Guest Post Benefit Me?

New Website Owners

Better For SEO

More Traffic To Your Site

Building Connections

How to Create a Guest Posting Site

  1. Buy a domain and host it on WordPress, we recommend multiple IP hosting to keep each blog looking unique and with different owners.
  2. Research what niche your blog should be, this is best if it aligns with what you know best or can write about the most.
  3. Start blogging regularly, this will grow the audience and site authority. The better your site authority and the more traffic you get. The more you can charge!
  4. Check your blogs authority as you keep blogging for free with Moz domain analysis tool.
  5. Once you have at least 10 blog posts and you start to see some data showing, its time to start monetising your blog.
  6. Create a “Write for Us” or “Guest Posting” page on your blog.
  7. Create an account on Ezippi and list your guest posting site/sites, with a price and other information you want to advertise.
  8. Start getting orders and making money form your blog.

Why Buy and Sell Guest Posts From Ezippi



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