A new feature for 2024, you can now add tags to your listing and get found faster on the Ezippi guest posting marketplace.

Why Add Tags to Guest Posting Site Listings?

The main reason is to be found easier for what your guest post niche is. This could be ranking keywords, another sub category from the main one or to give the user a better way to find a site that suits his or her post.

Tags are also found through normal search, so if you have a blog in a specific niche. For example, your site might specialise in town specific news, then you can add this to your tags and someone looking for a guest post in that niche, they will find you easier.

How to Add Tags To New Listings

When adding a new listing, towards the bottom of the form, you will be asked for tags (optional). Here you can enter in tags, pressing enter between each tag.

Once finished, complete the form. Please be aware that we do check for tags and the sites before approving, so please be as accurate as possible.

How to Add Tags To Existing Listings

Step 1: For this, you will first need to log in, and go to your dashboard.

Step 2: Now navigate to your listings. And click on the editing pencil mark to the left of the listing.

Step 3: Navigate down the form and add the tags by typing them in one by one in the tags (optional) section.


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