An amazing free resource to get a guest posting site up and online for free with full WordPress hosting features.

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Hosting a Guest Posting Site For Free

There aren’t many things in life that are truly free anymore. However, this amazing feature is 100% free and gives you the whole WordPress setup for one website.

SeekaHost offers a completely free WordPress hosting package with 500MB of data storage space, free SSL, and all using the super-fast SeekaPanel dashboard.

There are no ads, no constant email marketing. Simply a free resource to get you started, whether you are a beginner or simply can’t afford another site.

The Importance of 1 Website

One website might seem insignificant, but some of the best guest posting sites started with a great idea and a means to operate and make it public.

One website in a great niche can earn you an enormous amount if the posts are right, you get great traffic, and your domain is authoritative. And all this starts with one website.


How To Setup The Free WordPress Hosting on SeekaHost

  1. Visit this page and scroll down until you see the package labeled £0.00/Month. Select this and register or sign in if you already have an account.
  2. Follow the steps to register for the free hosting and then return to the SeekaHost dashboard.
  3. Click on ‘WordPress Sites,’ and on the next page, select ‘Add WordPress Site.’ Enter your site’s domains, blog title, and choose the free package underneath. Then create the site.
  4. Once loaded, click on the blue cog button and look for your nameservers 1 and 2 on the next page.
  5. Go to where your domain is registered and navigate to edit nameservers.
  6. Add your nameserver 1 provided by SeekaHost in the top line and the second nameserver provided by SeekaHost in the second line.
  7. Save changes and return to your site on SeekaHost.
  8. Go to SSL certificate and enable it (only once your nameservers are saved in your domain).”

With that done, you can now login and start editing your free guest posting site.


In a digital landscape saturated with paid options, SeekaHost stands out as a beacon of opportunity. By providing free hosting and emphasizing the transformative power of a single website, SeekaHost empowers individuals to share their ideas, build authority, and potentially earn substantial rewards.

As you embark on your journey with SeekaHost’s free hosting, remember that every influential guest posting site began with just one website – yours could be next. So, log in, unleash your creativity, and watch your guest posting venture flourish. The world is waiting for your unique voice.


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