When looking to add your site on the ezippi guest post marketplace, you can use these free tools to add relevant data to your listing.

Free Tool’s On Moz

One great way to find domain details such as domain authority, linking root domains, ranking keywords and spam score.

The free version lets you use it up to 3 times a day for free! And if you need more you will need the premium version. However, for finding out a domain analytics quickly with out even needing to sign in, this is perfect.

Using Moz data means that everyone can list their data on Ezippi with out needed to have paid programs only.

How to Use Moz’s Free Domain Analysis Checker

Step 1: Follow this link to the free domain analysis page:

Step 2: Type the domain into the search bar.

Step 3: Get your domain authority analytics.

What Other Data You Get

Top pages by links and top listing domains.

This is a great way to see your powerful pages and what other powerful sites are linking to you. The more authority the better.

Discovered and Lost Linking Domains

Keep up with your new links and lost links over the past 60 days for free using moz!

Domain Keyword Analysis

You can find out more about the keywords associated with your domain, featured snippets and even branded keywords.

Top Search Competitors

And to finish off you can even compare competitors for similar search terms and keywords on your site.


When looking for free domain authority and analysis checker, moz seems to have you covered. They offer 3 free searches per day, but for more you can take a look at their premium version.


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