Ezippi is bringing guest post sellers and buyers together in one area to decrease scams and find reliable guest post sellers.

What is Ezippi and How Can It Benefit You?

First lets start with what ezippi is. A marketplace to advertise guest posting opportunities to people searching for the right guest post to help advertise their site or grow their domain authority.

How does it work for a user?

As a user it’s easy to get started. Create an account with us start looking for guest posting or advertising opportunities. You can message the sellers with any enquiries and order when you’re happy. Payments can be made with credit/debit cards, PayPal and other popular payment methods.

Once you buy the guest post, your buyers order note will be sent to you with instructions, or he will message you through ezippi with instructions on where to send the file.

At this point they need to honour the order in the specified time. If the order is not completed you are eligible for a full or partial refund. And the seller will face warning or removal from out platform. We want this to be a safe place for buyers and sellers alike.

How does it work as a seller?

As a seller, first off you will want to know the charges right! So we like to keep things clear. Listing your sites is free (unless you choose any other package) and listings can also be renewed for free is they expire.

We keep a 10% commission from orders after they are completed meaning that you won’t ever need to pay anything out of pocket. It automatically comes out on the sale, leaving you with your 90% profit and keeping you safe from bad refunds and scams.

After signing up for free, just click the add listing button on the top menu of the site and fill in the relevant details. Once your happy you submit it to the ezippi marketplace. Once checked it will be accepted or denied, if its accepted you will then see it in your dashboard.

By hovering over your username in the top menu (or the arrow on mobile) you will now get some more options after adding a listing.

  • Dashboard
  • Listings (if you add any)
  • Messages (once your receive or sent a message)
  • Orders
  • Settings

This gives you complete control of your orders and listings in a much better way than excel sheets, notes or just winging it!

Benefits of Using Ezippi

For too long we have had to email clients and use Facebook or other groups to sell guest posts when there are plenty of people looking for them. We hope we can bring both parties here to safely buy and sell guest posts, advertising, banner links and more.


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