How to buy and sell guest posts on the Ezippi Guest Posting Marketplace. A quick guide to listing and buying on Ezippi.

What is the Ezippi Guest Posting Marketplace?

So before we look at how to buy and sell guests posts on Ezippi, first we will explain what the marketplace is.

This marketplace is for website owners to be able to list their guest post and link building opportunities. By making the guests posts easily searchable it creates a safer and easy place for anyone looking for guest post to find one.

A big problem is that for us looking for a good guest post, its hard to find trusted people to work with and sites that are genuinely worth buying from. By creating a platform where orders can be reviewed, vendors and users can be moderated and banned. It provides a safe place for the guest posting business.

So for vendors we have created a dashboard and order management system with pay-outs made easy and everything available to run a full scale guest posting business.

Buying Guest Posts on Ezippi

As a buyer it couldn’t be easier to buy a guest post on the Ezippi marketplace. We wanted the process to be no harder than ordering from Amazon. So we kept it simple, easy and using the most common and safest payment methods.

How to buy a guest post

Step 1: Sign in or register on ezippi.
Tip: To complete your registration you need to confirm on an automatic email sent to you from ezippi.

Step 2: Search through listings on Ezippi using the search bar on the listings page. This also displays the turn around time and data for the site.

Step 3: You can reply to the listing for more information first. Once happy, click on Buy Listing to make the order.

Step 4: Fill in the payment details. Once the payment has been made you will get a purchase note from the seller if they have left one. You will also then be contacted by the seller for the article for them to check. You can use the messaging service on ezippi to arrange any final edits. Messages can be checked from the Message section of your dashboard.

Selling Guest Posts on Ezippi

For sellers we have made this equally as simple as buying. Sign in or register and you have a full dashboard, order management system, messaging system and more! The idea is that for sellers you can come away from excel sheets, spam emailing and notes for your guest posting business. And in turn use this fully functional selling system for guests posts.

How to sell a Guest Post

Here we have an easy guide on how to sell guest posts on ezippi. Follow this video for a complete guide on adding your site on ezippi.

Can you sell anything else other than guest posts?

Yes! We promote all sorts of online digital marketing and link building. We do not provide service for un-creative link building. Let me explain further.

Our platform is so that sellers can list their opportunities, and for users to find great opportunities. So bad listings of low quality and value and likely to be removed. Spam sites that simply overlink for money will be removed once reported.

So basically if your offering something of good value, for someone to advertise on their/your site or share some information we are all for that! Where its banner ad’s, write for me pages, banner ad’s or multiple options!

What You Get as a Seller on Ezippi

  • Dashboard for earnings.
  • Listings management page.
  • Messaging system.
  • Refunding order ability.
  • Order management system.
  • Pay-outs within 7 days.
  • Support of the staff.

We work hard to work with sellers to make the platform the best it can be. Anyone can use our support ticket page to ask a question, report a scam or vendor, or get custom help with their listing.

How Much Does It Cost?

For sellers its free to list (unless you choose a paid package) and free to renew your listings also. We work an a 10% commission from your listing sale price. For example if you sell a guest post for £10, the commission is £1 and you keep £9. Find out more about becoming a seller here.

As a user there is no extra cost involved in purchasing a listing. You pay the price of the listing + VAT, thats it!


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