With Christmas starting and our platform almost completely ready, we are here with an amazing deal for you guys!

black Friday deals on ezippi the guest posting marketplace

Only 4% Commission on Sales Until New Years Days!

If you’re new, which you likely are as we have only just launched! The way we work is by providing a free to list marketplace for guest posting, banner advertisements etc. As a seller, the normal commission is 10%. For example if you sell a guest post on Ezippi for £10, we keep £1 and you keep £9.

This is already a highly competitive price for this sort of market, as the top competitor charges approximately 25%. How ever we have created this deal so that you can start with a bonus to your earnings in the run up to Christmas.

So any pay-outs between now and January 1st 2024 will only be charged at a 4% commission basis. So if you sell a guest post for £10, we keep £0.40 and you keep £9.60!

Why Sell Guests Posts on Ezippi?

We understand that the option to sell guest posts yourself is always there and we are honest about this. How ever we feel that there needs to be a safer, more trust worthy place that moderates and checks sellers and users to leave only the best.

We want to bring genuine users that want good guests posts to meet sellers with good sites to guest post on. We dont let scams go un noticed, we dont keep users that haven’t paid and we certainly dont keep sellers that are not honouring their orders.

Anyone can report any such activity on our support ticket area which is open 24/7.

How To Use The Black Friday Deal?

To use our deal is super easy like anything on our platform. This is an automatic deal for any pay-out made between the 19th of November 2023 and the 1st of January 2024.

Meaning you dont need to do anything but list your sites and get selling! We have an instruction video on how to list your sites on the ezippi marketplace on this article.


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