In this guide we look at how to list and sell your guest post on Ezippi, the guest posting marketplace.

What Is The Ezippi Marketplace?

Our marketplace is an area where guest post sellers and buyers can meet and exchange guest posts. Sellers can setup a profile for free and list up to 20 listings for free at a time! It gives sellers a dashboard that gives them all the order, information, analytics and full control of their online shop.

It takes out all the complications and never ending emailing and gives you one easy place to manage and sell guest posts, advertising areas, banner links and more.

How to Sell Guest Posts on Ezippi

First you need an account, its free to register and free to list your sites. There is a 10% commission on sales, meaning that you don’t pay a penny till you start earning.

  1. Create an account on Ezippi.
  2. Verify your account by email.
  3. Add your guest post by adding relevant information.
  4. Wait for approval, usually within 24 hours.
  5. Start managing your sales on your dashboard.

Why Sell Your Guest Posts on Ezippi

We give many features that make your life easier. All orders, sales, refunds are controlled by you and documented and shown on your dashboard. This includes messaging from customers, completion and touch up limits.

We also offer one of the most competitive pricing commission of only 10% (unless there is an offer on, then its even cheaper) which is more then half off the commission offered by other popular apps like Ezippi.

Another, and one of the main reasons is this is a service for guest post sellers and buyers created by experts in this industry. We understand the struggles, what works and what doesn’t and we used out knowledge to create a trustable platform for the best guest posting sites. We listed to our users and sellers, take action on scams or bad cookies and work hard to ensure that this is the best platform for guest posting sites and users.


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