We have some great news for our users in Pakistan that speak Urdu!

Adding Urdu Translation On Ezippi

So guys, after some careful reviewing of daily analytics, its seems our audience in Pakistan is by far our largest user group.

So to help we have added the Urdu language translation to our website. So our users in Pakistan can now use the site much easier in their native language rather than translating English themselves.

To use the translator, navigate to the bottom of any page, and use the language selector to choose your preferred language.

The translator is translating from English, so not all translations are completely correct. But it does do a great job of making sense for the user and translating well.

What Is The Ezippi Guest Posting Platform?

Our platforms allows guest post buyers and guest post sellers to meet each other and purchase or sell their guest posting opportunities in a safer environment.

Buy or selling guest posts can be a shot in the dark with new clients. Scam also rife, this means that you are constantly having to second guess every decision.

By using the Ezippi platform, you can list your sites and sell your guests posts with out fear of refund scams after you have used the money. And as a user you can buy, knowing that if the order in not complete you can request a refund and have the seller investigated.


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