Need to search they keywords that your domain ranks for, for free? Here is a great free tool for your keyword research.

Image from WordStream website.

Free Keyword Research Tool on WordStream

When looking for what keyword your domains is ranking for, you end up with many platforms that charge monthly fee’s. Although these platforms are a great way to get keywords for your site, not everyone can afford these prices or simply doesn’t want to pay that much just to check a few websites.

This free keyword research tool on WordStream provides you with great data on your rankings keywords. You can get the following data for free using this tool.

  • Ranking Keywords
  • Search Volume
  • Top page bid low range (Paid traffic)
  • Top page bid high range (Paid traffic)
  • Keyword competition

How to Use The Free Keyword Tool on WordStream

Step 1: Visit the keyword analysis tool on WordStream.

Step 2: Search by keyword or your domain name, including the www.

Image from the WordStream website.

Step 3: Refine your search by industry or state/country. Press continue and wait for up to 90 seconds.

Thats it! You now have a great list of keywords that your site ranks for.


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