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Create an account on Ezippi

First step is to create an account, this is free and easy. Click on the sign in button on the top menu and then click on register. Fill in your details and submit the form. You will get an email to verify your account, click on this link and complete any further profile information to create your account.

Add Listing to Sell Guest Posts

With your account created, can now click on the “add listing” on the top right menu. You will need to choose a category, price, quantity and other attributes for your listing. Some are optional and others are required. You can also choose to hide part of your guest posting site if you wish by adding asterisks (*).

Managing Your Listings

Once you have submitted your listing for approval, our team check it and approve it as long as it’s not violated any of our terms and condition. Once accepted, you will be notified by email, and you can fully manage your listings on your Dashboard. This includes orders, messages and payments.

Payments and Pay-outs

So as a seller, it’s important to know how payments and payouts work. So here is a run-down of both!

Payments From Users

The payments are made via secure methods using both Stripe and PayPal. Once a user orders from you, you are notified and your dashboard is updated with your income. You will then be expected to complete the order, with any revisions. Until then, your money is held ready for completion for the user that’s ordered.

Pay-outs For Sellers

To request a pay-out you need to hit the threshold of £20, you will get the option to request a pay-out from your dashboard underneath your balance. For a first ever pay-out, there is a 30-day waiting period for a pay-out. After your first pay-out, it only takes 7 days after completing an order and requesting any other pay-outs, so you can get paid every single week!

Payments are currently only made to PayPal accounts, so when you request your pay-out, in the note section please include your PayPal email address for us to send it to you. Otherwise, one of our team will contact you via your registered email to confirm.

Commission For Sellers

We charge a 10% commission on sales, and we plan on keeping it this low too! Commissions are worked out for you, meaning that your dashboard income reflects your actual earnings with the commissions taken out.

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