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Search For a Guest Post

Create an account on Ezippi

First step is to create an account, this is free and easy. Click on the sign in button on the top menu and then click on register. Fill in your details and submit the form. You will get an email to verify your account, click on this link and complete any further profile information to create your account.

Start your search for the right guest post

With your account created, you’re free to search and purchase from the Ezippi marketplace. You can search on the listings page using the search bar or scroll down and look through the listings. You can also message sellers with further enquires.

Buy the guest post

Once happy, you then contact the seller to complete your order. We do not take payments or deal with payments on our side. So make sure to use reputable payment methods, and look out for scams!

Keeping the bad sellers out

Users can report sellers and each case will be investigated, any bad sellers will get banned from our platform. You can contact our team through the support ticket area.

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