Brand-new feature coming soon to Ezippi to allow users to request guest posts or other link building requests.

What is the Ezippi Guest Posting Marketplace?

If you are new to Ezippi, here is a run-down of how it works and how it can benefit you if you are in the guest posting or link building business. Or Simply want to grow your sites’ authority by finding trusted guest post sellers.

Advertising Guest Post Sites on Ezippi

First off, it is a place for owners of guest posting sites or websites that they use for link building. Here, sellers can create an account for free and list up to 20 free listings.

You get a dashboard to manage all your orders and listings and easy and secure payout methods. It is the ultimate tool for guest post site owners.

Buying Guest Posts on Ezippi

If you are looking for good guest posting sites to pay for a guest post, Ezippi provides an easy and filterable way of finding the right guest posting site for you.

Using our secure payment method with the safety net of our 2-step refund process. You can feel safer knowing that not only are the listings checked, but you can get a refund if the order isn’t completed.

Requests and Offers New Feature

So, what is it? How does it work? And how can it benefit you?

How it works

Using our new feature, users of the site can add a request for work needed. Users can give a description of what they are looking for. For example, a guest post in the niche or therapy in the UK. Or they could be looking for an SEO specialist for their site.

Once the user has created a request, vendors can post offers toward this request, much like bidding. The user can then choose the offer they like the most, make the payment and get the work carried out by the seller with the best offer.

How Requests and Offers can Benefit You

Sometimes It’s hard to find the exact guest posting site to suit the backlink you need. Whether you are looking to grow your domains’ authority, help with your client’s SEO or simply just need a backlink from a niche relevant domain.

You can request your needs for sellers to see and offer you their services.

This can also now be used in cases of anyone needing specific work like design or development on their website. So if you need someone to help with SEO, a specific guest posting site or help with web design. You will soon be able to request it on our new Requests and Offers page.


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