Time to celebrate, we have reached the first 30 guest post sites on our marketplace! Lets look at some of the listings.

Celebrating the First 30 Sites

We are delighted to be hosting our first 30 guest posting sites. After approvals our team was extremely happy with the calibre of guest posting opportunities. With many categories covered already, the sites look equally as maintained and a great place to buy a guest post from.

A Few Sites We Recommend This Week

  • geeksnipper.com, a well build tech site with lots of “how to” style guides, top lists and quite helpful information.
  • newsbreak.com, a news website that posts regularly to a large audience. The price is fantastic and even the moz scores look great.

New Updates

We have added some extra packages for adding listings. Our free 20 listings (with free renewal) is here forever. But we have added another 2 packages so those needed more listings! You can choose to add another 50 or 100 listings this way. You can check the details and choose a package when you submit your listings, or just use the free package for 20 free listings if thats enough for you!


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